Sunday, June 13, 2010

For the sake of writing.

I just need to write something for the sake of writing.

Hey, noon. Today, I woke up LATE. Pfffhtt. This is all because I slept late yesterday. Lately I'm having so-called-mood-swings. I easily get hurt, I easily feel sad and I easily feels like crying. What is wrong with you Ieeko?

Heh, okay. As I mentioned earlier, I woke up late. I woke up around 12pm, and I have to be in the office at 1pm. I haven't taken my bath yet, how am I supposed to reach on time? Okay, expected, I took my bath as fastest as I could ;P But hey, I still smells good okaayy :)

My brother in law drove the car so fast till I feel like screaming "SLOW DOWN DAMMIT!". Haha. But then, credit to him. Because of that, I managed to reach to my office SAFE and on time. Wey kalau tak O.T aku dari 30 hengget, jadi 15 tauuu? Wuwuwu.

Okay, actually I don't have idea what to write. But like I said, I just need to write something for the sake of writing. Please, forgive me.

To be honest, I have good friends around me. We don't just talk bull. We always remind each other of the miracles of life. Okay, geez. I feel so down today till I became a drama queen. But wait, what if tomorrow never come? I mean, for me.

I'm just wondering, what if this is my last note? My last 24hrs? I would be scared shit. Should I cry my heart out or should I just go out and dance in the rain? Do things I have never done before? Call those people I love the most and tell them how much they mean to me? Tsk tsk. Dem.

What the F is wrong with me? Why am I talking like this? Okay this is so weird =.=' .. Shikin, are you okay? Oh! Maybe you're just too hungry, don't you? Wait, your friend is buying you foods. Chill out :)

Yesterday Afiq called me, wanna go and chill while watching England match. But too bad, I wasn't at home that time ;( So we cancelled the plan and plans for our next meeting. Which is, this Wednesday. Brazil VS Korea. Go go Brazil babyyyy :) I cannot wait!

Em. Sometimes, you don't get what you wanted in life. Things nowadays are really hard to get, don't you think so? Unpredictable, I supposed. Or, err. I don't know.

Hm, suddenly I feel like laughing. Nowadays I usually get this sort of reply each time they asked me what am I doing. During my breaks time, they will call me and asked. Then I would say "BREAK". Then they'll say, "Not yet attached, how to break?". At first I didn't get what they meant, but slowly, I managed to. Haha ;P

Things are pretty fine now in my life. I laughed a lot. Till it hurts my throat. Heh, first time aku dengar tekak sakit sebab gelak T____T Seriously. It hurts. But then I love to laugh. What am I supposed to do each time I feel like laughing? Do I need to cry? Or do I need to dance? Or singing perhaps? Haha.

Okay, enough. Too much craps. Gaaahh. I need to go. I have work to do. Chow. See ya love ♥

Last but not least, Smoking is bad :)
Stop while it's not too late.


There's time when I wished to look upon your face once more,

But you wasn't there.

* When God takes something from your grasp, HE's not punishing you. But merely opening your hands to receive something better :)

Also my dear, feel free to go and help HASBI in HASBINEEDSHELP. Thanks.

XOXO, Ieeko.

24 Heart(s) Screaming.:

kk said...

heyy chiking syg, jangn lah macm ni.kila kan adee

muaahh dahi dia, tak mo asik rase sedih2.and and, kila pon suka brasil tahu.ade haritu bf belikan baju brasil warna hijauuu weeee.nnti kila masuk kat blog tawww demi muuu.ekekek

btw, jangan selalu tidoo lambat paham.arahan cikgu ni bahaaaha

Ieeko. said...

Aww, yes yes. Kila syg ada :) Hehe.

Alolo, comelnyeee. Kila, Ieeko pun nak pergi beli baju brazil and real madrid neh. Nak pakai nanti. Hah ok ok. Masuk dalam blog aw!! Nak tengok! :D Haha.

Err, okay cikgu! Pahaaaaaaaaaaaamm ;'D

Anonymous said...

don't be. your life is pretty amazing. I myself, envy you. so you shouldnt feel this way. cheer up!


Ieeko. said...


Thanks. Aww, sometimes my life does sounds/looks amazing, but there's few moment I'm just faking it :)

Anyways, thanks for your concern!

muhammad said...

girl,don't be sad.this is just a part of our life.too be frank,i like they way you brought urself up.things would get pretty mess up,but i believe u'll managed to get it thru.cheers friend.

Ieeko. said...

hey there muhammad.

Thanks. I appreciate what you've said about me. Thanks alot :)

I wish I was stronger. But hey, I'm happy with my bfs tho <3

Anonymous said...

i love this entry. makes my eyes watery. nice words u got there ieeko.

Ieeko. said...

Thanks anon <3

arip said...

hahaha siot je gambar rokok tu. tsentap aku kejap tady. hahaha.

Ieeko. said...

HAHAHA, saje je letak. Sentap ey? Hahaha. Lalalala ~ :P

frank lampard said...

i love u ok.
ade katian ke ?

miss__laila said...

hey there ieeko. i suka care u. wish u d best

Ieeko. said...

Hey Miss_Laila, thank you so much :]

Ieeko. said...

Frank Lampard,

Hahaha. You love me? For real? Awwwww ;PP

*Takde kaitan I rasa ;'D*

... said...

When God takes something from your grasp, he's not punishing you. But merely opening your hands to receive something better.


Ieeko. said...


Me too :)

Syazalia Razali said...

ni mesti nak period ni hahah!

thn ni kite tk sokong brazil dah..pasal ronaldinho dah takde. hmph..

kite sokong germany plk! sbb tokio hotel dari germany! hahahaha!

Ieeko. said...

Haha! Tak la. Kita baru je habis period. Minggu lepas. Wahh, bgtau kat public ni ;'P

Hehe, elehh! German boo ;PP

Tu la, ramai tak main dah kan for Brazil T____T

Anonymous said...


Ieeko. said...

Anon, mind telling me who are you?

mira.ismani said...

katakan TAKNAK pada rokok!..

Ieeko. said...


Betul betul!! :D

Anonymous said...

iek0,u ada ym?

Ieeko. said...




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