Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Loyal Lovers.

Do you know that I have this 3 loyal lovers?
This 3 lovers are very loyal to me.
Do you know that everytime I reach home, they'll be in front of the door to welcome me?
Do you know that everytime I woke up, the first thing that I'll see is them?
Or they'll be my alarm clock eventhough I don't set them. Haha :)
Do you know that everytime I call their names they'll come to me as fast as they can?
Do you know that sometimes I feel like they're my child?
Welcome me everytime I reach home after work and all.
Okay, I may sounds a little bit 'insane', but I'm just saying what I felt.
And hey, do you know that everytime I wanna take my shower, they'll join me?
Everytime I said ' Who wants to join me? ', they'll run and straight away to the toilet and wait for me to come inside. Haha. Cute huh?
Two(Bbyblindy && Bobo) will seat in the sink, another one which is Adiee, she'll be sitting in the toilet bowl.
Not inside there laa, haiyaa, I already put down the cover so that she can seat laa.
And when I take my bath, they'll do their own things, like licking their fur.
Or they'll just do nothing and wait for me to finish. Hehe :D
You see, mandi pun depa teman!
They're very loyal to me.
I'm so lucky to have them and fxxking LOVE them!

Adiee, Bbyblindy, && Bobo, I love you :)

I Swear I Love Them With All My Heart ♥
My three princessesssssssss :')


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