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Assalamualaikum everyone! Howayadoinyawwww? I am doing perfectly fine! Alhamdulillah. Couldn't ask for more :) :)

Okay, fuhhh fuhhh. Bismillah. Before I start writing, (or should I say start letting out my frustration? Teheeee.) let's just give you some heads up on what is happening in my life right now.

I can't wait for this 1st of May because I'll be flying off to somewhereeeeeee. Me, sissy and jengjengjeng. Lol. I can't wait to meet up with my babyD :) I'll tell you guys soon who is this babyD yeah? Perhaps in my next entry? After I come back from my vacation, of course. Ngehngehngeh.

Next trip will be Lombok, I think. I fall in love with that place the moment I see my friend's photos. For "Thalassophile" people like me, you can never say no to the sea/ocean. Sissy is at Paris right now, having fun -- of course. So jelly. I wish I can follow her T____T Other than these two wonderful things, everything else is not for you to know! Muehehehe.

Emm. So .. what do we know about GST? So basically our government has decided to charge 6% of GST in everything that can be called as a "service".

To make it clearer, I'll paste it here :)

GST which is also known as VAT or the value added tax in many countries is a multi-stage consumption tax on goods and services. GST is levied on the supply of goods and services at each stage of the supply chain from the supplier up to the retail stage of the distribution.

I have this issue where I don't friggin' understand why people is pissed off with the companies who applies this 6% GST rather than pissing off with the government who DECIDED to implemented this 6% in the first place?

Okay, let's be honest. Everyone hates GST right? Yes, we're in the same boat. I am working in a company where we give services to the public either in Malaysia or outside of the country. I mean in terms of education. And because of the 6% of GST, we had to deal with people's frustration over the phone nor over the counter. They will be screaming at us like nobody's business. 

This kind of people which I hate the most. And I bet I am not the only person who is having this issue whereby we get the blame for other people's mistake/fault/decision. And it is sad to see most of them are from a quite wealthy family and not-to-mention they are quite intelligent too. This is sadden me most. Oh well, people always says "Belajar tinggi-tinggi, tapi ... " the rest, you may continue it if you want :)

You think our company wanted to charge you with the 6% of GST so badly? Come on, use your brain, this ain't our decision. We had to charge because the government told us so. And I bet you've seen the news or read the news that the government implemented this GST on the 1st April 2015. The decision is not in our hands. Even if I buy topup at 7-E and being charged extra 60 cents for the GST, you think I will scold the innocent people? No of course. And yes, Maxis/Digi/Umobile/Celcom etc will not charge 60 cents extra for the topups if you go and buy at their centre(s). But if you go to 7-E or any other stores, of course they will charge you with the 6% of GST.

I just had to let out my frustration T_____T I am so pissed and puzzles at the same time. I don't know how to react when people starting to turn into Godzilla and can't listen to any explanations and forced us to listen to them instead. If only I have the power to stop the government from implementing the 6% GST. But I don't, unfortunately. 

So, I am begging to everyone who is reading this post right now. If you are not happy that the company/store/place charge you with the 6% of GST, please do not scold them for doing so, UNLESS if they are not SUPPOSED to charge you with the GST, meaning to say they are not registered with the government and don't have the registration number stated in the receipt, then you are more than welcome to go and make a report.

Always always always check on the website if you have any doubt about the place charging you with GST. If their company's name is not listed, make a report straight away!

You can always check here : or you can reach the officer in charge at 03 8882 2111.

Okay! I think I am done with my frustration hewhewhew. I hope you people out there can think first before act! Act wisely, please :)

Wohoooo, babyD I can't wait to see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Assalamualaikum & have a good day!


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