Monday, March 16, 2015

Harsh Criticism.

Can't wait to have my own house so that I can have this cutie back at home :)


Well hello readers out there! How have you been? I hope all is well on your side :) I am doing perfectly fine. Just recovered from dengue. That was the most painful sickness I have ever had for the past 1 year, tsk tsk. But Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything is fine now.

Okay, referring to the topic for this entry -- Harsh Criticism, does it help? Well, it sure does! At least for me. I used to speak bad English. Like, literally, bad. Like really really bad. Broken English, I must say! 

To be in a family where English is like a main language and you could not speak good English was so frustrating and humiliating at the same time. Imagine having a 7 y/o niece who can speak BETTER English than you do. How would that make you feel? Well, it surely made me feel dumb and stupid T__T

I must say, up until today I am still learning and trying to improve my English. Doesn't mean that I can speak or write good English now, I need to stop learning. Right? I love listening to people who can speak really good English. I find them attractive. Lul. 

Okay back to the topic. Why would I said harsh Criticism helps? Let me tell you one story. 

I have a sister who speaks really really really good English, and she's a lawyer by the way. When I was 9/10 y/o (can't remember), I get scolded by her because I spoke horrible English. Like really horrible. She said to me " Eh Kin, if you can't speak good English, better not to speak at all. You look like a fool now ". Damn, that hurts! Big time! I look at my dad, because I was talking to him at that time. And my dad was giggling when my sister scolded me. I felt so down and dumb. 

And she added " Really, don't speak at all. Just speak in BM. Memalukan je ". Shit weh, rasa macam nak amek pisau cucuk hati sendiri masa tu HAHAHAHA! But then I said to myself " Shikin, you gotta prove to her one fine day that you can speak good English. YOU HAVE TO! ". Well, from there, I read English books, I always have my dictionary in my room and I watch a lot of English movies. Not to forget, having my late dad to be my private English teacher at home :P Just to make sure that I can improve my English.

Everything pays off! I did improve my English, both written and spoken. Since then, English have become my favourite subject in school. I tend to speak English most of the time. Especially when I am angry hehehehhee. Tapi kadang2 bila terlalu marah, haa kawwww English punya grammar terabur. Lepastu Mr.X time tengah kena marah tu sempat lagi dia betulkan grammar aku. Last-last tak jadi marah pastu dedua gelak. Phui! :P 

So I really believe, harsh criticism does help when it comes to something you can improve. And having 2 sisters and being the youngest is actually both a blessing and a curse. Blessed because if you've gain weight without you notice it, they will be the judges and critics you until you're back to your normal size ;p And a curse because .... everything else T___T

Do you know that I did not have a facial wash until I finished my high school? Lol funny, ay? After Spm, I went to Dubai and stay at my sister's house for 1 month. I came there twice, to be exact. On my first visit both of them dragged and forced me to buy a facial wash. They said I am a big girl now, so I should start taking care of my skin ( -.-' ) I still remember, they bought me Olay facial wash. Haha.

So people out there, if you really want to change something, then fight for it. Work for it. Don't give up. If people critics you, take it in a good way where you can improve that area or change it. No words or nobody can bring you down, unless you give them the power :)

Continue learning. Improve your weak areas and you shall be proud of yourself when you've finally improved :)

Sorry if there's any grammatical error or bad English in this entry. I don't know why, after I had dengue, I literally forget how to spell certain words. HAHA. Bodo nyaaaaaaa. Tapi itu la kenyataannya. I can't remember things, haih. 

Me : Can't wait to have cats running around in our house! 

Him : Yeah, cats, you, rabbits, our child, I'll die soon.

Me : Phuiii!

I can't wait for this coming May!
Ho-ho-ho-ho-hooooooliiidddaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy again! :)

* See you again when I have time to write :D God bless you all! Goodbye! Assalamualaikum :)


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