Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Deepest Feelings.

You understand how it feels, to be happy one day, then depressed the next? 


 The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence.

Have you ever feel tired for keeping things too long in your heart? And you got no one to talk to? Maybe the choices for you to pick someone in front of you is there, however it seems like you will never find anyone who can really be there for you.

Have you ever feel tired for holding on things for a very long time? And you got nothing left in you that could makes you strong. Each day passes by, you are getting weaker. And you have no clue on how to make things right. Seems like everything that you touch or say, will only make it worse.

Have you ever feel tired for not having a chance to have your voice to be heard? And you got nothing to do since you are not important to some people where they give such a big impact in your life. You tried to speak, but none of your words are really that matter to them.

Have you ever feel tired for not having what you deserve in life? And you got nothing or no one to put the blame to because you know somehow, the blame will always find the way itself to come back to you. At the end of the day, the blame will always still be on you.

Have you ever feel tired for feeling tired? You're just to tired for everything and having these crazy thoughts in your head and you seems like drowning in your own life. And bit by bit, you find that you are losing yourself to something that is not even matter to you.

Losing yourself is way more painful than losing someone that you love in your life. You've been too strong outside and none of them realize that actually deep inside you are breaking and way too fragile than anything else. 

And when you cry, they says you are being too vulnerable and you should be strong; where in your life, not even once they accept you for being weak because they are too used to see you being strong almost all the time.

It's better to live alone, rather than living with hundreds people but still feel alone at the same time. At least when you are living alone, you wont increase your hope that maybe one day they could reach your hand and help you to stand because at the end of the day, you will feel even more sad to find out that they will never do such things.

But we are still here, even we are tired of living; because we have faith. Yes we are here still because we have faith. 

We have faith in God. And we believe that someday, HE will take away this pain from our heart and give what we deserves.

Because we know that God wont leave us alone despite on how many times we disobey Him and do things that HE prohibited from us to do, yet we know whenever we run to HIM, HE will always be there for us.

Have faith people. Have faith. This is an advise from a heart to another. Be strong.

And by the way, just taking this opportunity to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha.
May you had a blissful day in celebrating this wonderful day with your loved ones :)

I miss my Jda; the lady with the green baju kurung :)

* In life you learn lessons, sometimes you learn them the hard way, and sometimes you learn them too late.

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