Friday, December 23, 2011

If she is responsible for your smile, then be responsible with her heart.

If you could go back and just change one thing about your life, would you?
And if you did, would that change make your life better? Or would that change ultimately break your heart? Or break the heart of another? Would you choose an entirely different path? Or would you change just one thing? Just one moment.

One moment that you’ve always wanted back.

Distractions, frustrations, and losing yourself - Don’t you just hate it when you can’t focus on what you need to? Having your mind filled with thoughts that shouldn’t be there, or being distracted by something that shouldn’t matter anymore?

Having to think about what should’ve been or could’ve been. Or what would’ve been. Over thinking to the point where your mind becomes a wreck and you end up not thinking at all? Just going blank. So you lay your head down and just think to yourself, “Why me? Why now?”.

Have you ever feel so hurt but you can't find that one good reason why you feel that way? Life has been treating you well. Everything seems so perfectly fine until one night that change everything. Where your scary thoughts eats you alive.

Do you ever get that feeling where you don’t want to talk to anybody? You don’t want to smile and you don’t want to fake being happy. But at the same time you don’t know exactly what’s wrong either. There isn’t a way to explain it to someone who doesn’t already understand.

If you could want anything in the world it would be to be alone. People have stopped being comforting and being alone never was. At least when you’re alone no one will constantly ask you what is wrong and there isn’t anyone who won’t take ‘I don’t know’
for an answer.

You feel the way you do just because.. You hope the feeling will pass soon and that you will be able to be yourself again, but until then all you can do is wait.

Sigh. You know .. Even the nicest person’s patience has its limit.

She’s always happy, smiling, making it seem like her life is one big fairy tale. But it’s not. She breaks down, every night. Her home suffocates her. She inspires others around her, she motivates them into doing the right thing. But who’s around for her? Who was there when she called out for help? She’s always there for people, but where were they when she needed them most?

Sometimes, I think that girl is me.

* The fastest way to get hurt is to expect appreciation and rewards for every single thing you do for others. Do it for Allah's sake people :)

6 Heart(s) Screaming.:

paai said...

ne msti gmbr dkt ptrjya kan.paai slalo lpk snaaaa...btw, ieeko ttp cntik mehhh

TebuWan said...

Time will find you ieeko :)

farraain said...

yeppp.....setuju dgn kmoo!

Even the nicest person’s patience has its limit!

Ieeko. said...

@paai :

Ha'ahhh kat pjaya ;p hehe thanks ;)

Ieeko. said...

@tebuwan :

Insyaallah ;)

Ieeko. said...

@farraain :

Indeed :)


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