Wednesday, May 12, 2010

See, told ya they are freaking hilarious ♥

This is due to I'm missing them badly.
And this video makes me smile :')

Mind my voice.
They are bullying Aziq :)
Sila kuatkan speaker anda and dengar every single words yang diorang cakap.
Then you'll know why aku ketawa je memanjang.
Sakit perut layan diorang ni.
And err, sorry video senget.

This is the reason why I heart them so much :)
I'm happy. Tak pernah se-happy in kot.
Can't you tell?

2 Heart(s) Screaming.:

Cik Lilo said...

HAHA senget dah kepala tengok video tu :P suara ieeko rock gilaaaa, comel. sweet HAHA serious

Ieeko. said...

HAHAHA maafin :D

Suara Ieeko memang serak T___T



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