Thursday, May 24, 2012

Silence Is Better.

Sometimes people can't find the guts to go and tell you what they really wanted to tell. Sometimes they preferred to keep it inside rather than telling you. Maybe its the ego. Well blame the ego then.

But sometimes I love being ego. At least it helps me to save my heart from being hurt whenever I tell something that I've been kept for a long time and all I ever get in return was just a silent awkward response.

Don't you think so? Well I really think that I should just spill it to you, but I can't. I don't know why. "Sometimes people write what they can't say" - well in my case, I bet you know me too well already to say this, but yeah I prefer to write it here.

Well, cut the crap, I'm just posting a new entry just for the sake of telling you that I miss you. I could just grab my phone and text you right away, but I refused to do so. Gedik much eh? Well maybe :)

Truth is, I could be as ego as you are, but well, what to waste if I do this for the sake of Allah, eh? Who knows this could be my last post. At least you could check on my blog each and everyday, and knowing that before I go, you're on my mind.

May Allah has written your name for me in Luh Mahfuz as the one for me in this world and in here-after, and if not, May Allah grant you someone better than me. As He knows what's best for you and me. Amin :) 546

* Sometimes, when people misses someone whom they loved, they don't tell. Instead, they tell Allah. After all He knows all.

4 Heart(s) Screaming.:

✿ Cik Nisa ✿ said...

wow nice ur word :) .

insan biasa said... again...good writing..and nice story...well just want to share something..ok if u miss some one...or somebody...whatever la kan...after perform a solat...u just sent a al fatiha for him/her...sedekah kan fatihah bkn sj utk yg dh pergi..klu rindu pd seseorang pon boleh..insya'allah...semoga allah sampai kan rindu itu padanya...try la...

Ieeko. said...

@✿ Cik Nisa ✿

Thank you :)

Ieeko. said...

@insan biasa

Thank you. InsyaAllah :)


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