Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pre Loved Items For Sale!! Grab It Fast! ♥

Assalamualaikum my dear superb friends and anon! :D

Interested in purchasing any of these shirts?
Why don't you spend a moment checking out this blog!
They are selling all their stuffs.

But as for now they only sells clothes.
InsyaAllah, they will sell jeans and many more if they get a wonderful feedback from all of you! :D

Price is from rm60 to even rm10!!
Where else you can find a shirt worth Rm10?
Would be appreciated if you guys could check their blog!

Just click this link : Farah's Pre ♥ Items.
Or just go to

Thanks guys.

May Allah grant you happiness in this world and in here-after! InsyaAllah.
Assalamualaikum :)

* Have fun checking it!! :D

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