Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things That Hurt.

  • Being unsure of how someone feels about you.
  • Feeling like they are mad at you.
  • Being misunderstood by people you care about.
  • Being judged by people you care about.
  • Feeling like you lost something that was never yours.
  • Feeling like you’re doing too much.
  • Thinking you aren’t doing enough.
  • Not knowing if you should say something.
  • Worried about what they’ll think if you do say it.
  • Feeling like you care more than they do.
  • Not being reminded by the person you love, that they love you too.
  • Feeling like they will be fine if they lose you.
  • Feeling like someone out there could make them happy more than you can.
  • Feeling like you're missing someone that isn't missing you back.
  • Being insecured.
  • Loving what you can't have.
  • Feeling like you're losing something that you precious the most, but there's nothing you can do because it's not yours.
  • Feeling like you will never be good enough.


You know that kind of moment? Right before you sleep? You think about everything that you wish to be happen? Every single thing that you wish you had the guts to tell? Yeah, those nights where you have second thoughts about everything and nothing feels right anymore.

And I hate the feeling that you will get after you've that scary thoughts in your mind. That feeling when you have so much to say, to let out but you just can't because you're scared things will come out a different way which will just screw everything up and plus, you feel like no one understands you.

It just frustrating enough when you want to speak up and tell people what you really feel inside but you have no idea how to put them into words. And worse, you know that if you do tell, it still wont change a thing.

Ya Allah, I know that You know what’s best for me. So while I wait for Your plan to unfold, please keep me patient. Keep my faith strong and my trust in You even stronger. Amin.

* I will try my very best to smile and act heartless everytime someone fuck with my feelings.

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