Thursday, September 8, 2011

#My Prayer To Allah.

and He is with you, wherever you are.” (57:4)

The stronger your imaan is, the more Allah will test you.

And If Allah brings you to it, then He will get you through it.

Oh Allah,

I told you: I’m facing a lot of difficulties in life.

And You said: ‘And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him/her a way out’ (65:2)

If he isn’t right for me Ya Allah - then take him away from me. If I can't have him in this dunya, allow me to forget him. If he isn't the one that will love me, raise children with me, and have us live together than take him away and have me forget. Help me to remind myself that I will only be his friend. Not more than that. Strengthen our friendship forever so that I wont lose him.

But if Your plans prove otherwise; he is the one for me - allow me to be so close to You, Ya Allah. Let our struggles be for Your sake and bless us with patience and courage. Humble us and protect us Oh Allah.

And Ya Allah; Guide me! Amin :')

P/s: I don’t worry about the love between you and I. I know that if we both love Allah (tabarak wa ta’ala) and seek His pleasure, He will cultivate the love between us.

InsyaAllah :)

* You have been the one constant in my life for at least five years now. I can’t give up. Not until you ask me to.

1 Heart(s) Screaming.:

Fawachan said...

subhanaAllah best sangat baca entry yang indah nie :) nice one from you and i strongly agree with your words :)follow u dear


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